Question: Very short period

Bo asked:

I am 46 and my last 4 periods haven’t even lasted a day of flow. This never happened before. What’s up?

If you take the birth control pill, this may be seen as the uterus reaction to the hormonal compounds of these medications and may happen among different age groups.

On the other hand, if you’re not taking the pill, in order to understand this scenario we must have in mind that the uterus and the hormonal status change as the years go by. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the menopause is near, it just means that your body performance is changing.

Question: Emergency contraceptive pill

Purpelite asked

A few days back, about a week, i had taken emergency contraceptive pill. I had sex yesterday, and there was sufficient lubrication and all. Alhtough it was a little deep but didnt feel anything weird. Then a few hours later, although i felt unusually exhausted i went to the gym. Since today morning i have been bleeding off and on. I am mid cycle, and even though emergency pill is said to bring periods on earlier but I dont think they are! Its not menstrual bleeding. Is there anything wrong or should i wait because of the emergency pill and gymming overly?

The emergency contraceptive pill is the most plausible cause for the abnormal spotting. Not everyone has the same reaction, yet the experience you’re having is quite common among emergency contraceptive pill users. Next menstrual bleeding is more likely to be different from the one you’re used to – that shouldn’t be a concern.

Question: When to have sex to get pregnant

Asia asked:

So trying to see when is the possibility of ovulation , or when to start trying to conceive. The typical is 14 days after period last period was from May 23-28 usually I have longer period like a week and few days but since march I have been having only five day periods and 24 days in between period


You may find your answer here: When to have sex to get pregnant.

Question: Period delay

bbgtc1 asked:

My period always come on on the first of the month but did not this month. Today is the 5th and I still have not seen my period. I’m always hungry, sleep all day, and have been nauseous. Smells easily upset my stomach. Today I went to get a pregnancy test and it was negative. Why haven’t my period come on yet?

Contraceptive pill users may not have the expected period during the pause, even with regular use and without a pregnancy. This is even more frequent among women with low flow periods. Sometimes, this situation becomes a rule for some women under birth control pills. This isn’t an abnormal condition; you may see this as the uterus reaction to the hormonal compounds of the pill.

Now, if you’re not using the birth control pill, pregnancy is more likely. There are two possible reasons for a negative pregnancy test – on one hand, you aren’t pregnant and the period delay is due to a later ovulation; on the other hand, you are indeed pregnant and the test failed the result. A blood pregnancy test turns positive around 8 days after conception and a urinary test around 12; so, in such a scenario, later ovulation led to a later conception, thus making the early test fail to diagnose a too short pregnancy. The urine test, ideally, should be performed using the first urine of the morning (for its higher concentration).

Question: irregular cycles and pregnancy

Jessica asked:

How possible is it for me to get pregnant by having sex 3 days after my period ended? I am irregular and normally have 35 to 40 days in my cycle.

With 35 to 40 days cycles, it may seem impossible to get pregnant by having sex 3 days after the end of the period, but actually it isn’t. Imagine the following scenario: your menstruation lasts for 6 days; you have sexual intercourse on the 9th day of the cycle; a good spermatozoa survives up to 5 days so, in this particular example, until the 14th day; this month, exceptionally, you have a 28 days cycle… you can get pregnant.

In this post, I explain how you to know the best timing to get pregnant.