Question: Supplements and nuvaring

Noname asked:

I am on nuvaring for birth control purposes and I want to start taking saw palmetto supplements but will they affect the effectiveness of the nuvaring?


Question: First trimester bleeding

Steph asked:

Hello one week ago I suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks . I was cramping then tissue in the size of a finger fell out. No embryo just tissue ? Then after I had a bleeding, like a period for about 6 days. My question is , since I don’t have health insurance, do you think my body naturally miscarried everything ? Bc I feel fine and I have now cramping and the bleeding has subsided.
I want to get checked but I’m waiting to get insurance . I just don’t know how urgent the medical situation is.


I don´t have enough information to assess your situation and its urgency. If you were exactly 12 weeks into gestation, the clinical scenario you describe seems incompatible with a complete abortion. By then you’d be entering second trimester, the blood loss should be heavier and you would be able to identify fetal and chorionic tissues. Anyway, I’m assuming that you hadn’t a ultrasonography performed prior to the incident so, with the available data, here are a few scenarios:

  • complete abortion at a earlier gestational age (meaning wrong calculation of gestational age)
  • incomplete abortion (thus, conceptional tissues inside your uterus may still be present)
  • threatened abortion (and you’re still pregnant).
  • an ectopic pregnancy (embryonal development outside the uterus) is less likely but, nevertheless, still a possibility.

The fact that you’re feeling well is a good thing but medical evaluation is mandatory. Until then, I advise you to be on full alert to new symptoms such as abdominal pain, bleeding and fever. I also advise you to avoid sexual intercourses.
Hope this was helpful.

Question: chlamydia infection

Blue asked:

how can a woman get chlamydia if she and her husband hasn’t had sex in 9 years? I went to emergency cause of a very high fever along with 2 other things well I had a papsmear done and thats where they told me I have it I was totally shocked and surprised.

You may be infected with chlamydia if you’ve been infected in the past and didn’t went through proper treatment. Without further information, there’s one thing I can assure: pap smear is definitely not the right exam to diagnose this type of infection. In order to detect chlamydia you’ll have to collect a cervical sample and get it tested using specific procedures.

Question: post-coital bleeding

Kaycee asked:

I am 42 year old mother. Routine history of annual negative Pap smears for 23+ years. Vigilant about smears. No STDs. History of cervical erosion and bleeding throughout pregnancy . No treatment given . colposcopys performed with negative results. Not taking any OCPs. no contraception used. PCOS diagnosis 20 years ago. Continue to have heay post coital bleeding every time. Due for Pap smear again. Is there any other test I should be having to assess PCB ? Heaviness bothers me. Starts bright red. Following day bleed is brown. Please help.

The cervix is the part of the uterus in direct contact with the vagina. Cervix morphology changes throughout a woman’s life, and these modifications are hormone related. In addition to those changes, several factors, such as STDs, HPV infection, tobacco, and OCPs, explain the development of cervical diseases that may cause post coital bleeding. These are usually diagnosed with Pap smears or biopsies. However, women may bleed after intercourse due to “cervical erosion” (also known as cervical ectropion) that occurs as a consequence of the hormonal status. So, post coital bleeding may occur when no serious cervical disease underlies. I think this should be your case – with regular Pap smears and negative colposcopies it’s unlikely that you have a cervical disease. You say that it starts bright red becoming brown the following day – this is explained by the decreasing amount of blood you loose after intercourse. You don’t take OCPs, which is helpful for this particular issue. But now, what to do? First line treatment consists in vaginal preparations; in Europe, Nelex is an available solution – it eliminates damaged tissues and has haemostatic properties (meaning it can stop the bleeding). Although you should start with this type of treatment, it is possible that it won’t work considering the heaviness of your bleeding. Otherwise, there are destructive treatments available such as cryocoagulation / LASER vaporization of the cervix.

Question: motorcycle riding during pregnancy

bf asked:

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle while I am 23 weeks pregnant?

Generally speaking, motorcycle riding carries a higher risk than driving a car. Other than that, unless you’re planning a bumpy ride, there should be no danger to your baby. Any harm caused would be due to shock in your belly, not by the simple vibration of a soft ride. Better safe than sorry, that’s my advice!